New Mixers

New Internal Mixers

Many Carter machines are shipped overseas for use in the production of high technology rubber and plastic compounds, so it is essential that high quality control standards are constantly maintained to meet rigorous production schedules in the most demanding environments.

Complete manufacture, machining, super hard welding, inspection, assembly and testing are undertaken in house, in order that customers have total reliability and efficiency with their production machines. At the heart of a Carter mixer is the unique heavy duty Carter rotor assembly, which has been developed specifically to give excellent dispersion and increased output, whilst eliminating deadspots.

A much higher torque value is attained through the use of alloy steel rotors and heavy duty rotor blade tips ensuring a consistent mixing over an extended life period.

Alloy steel construction for strength; computer designed for optimum performance; precision profile machined for volumetric accuracy, all ensuring the production of uniform compounds and high productivity.

Cooling System

Superb cooling system design and the absence of hot spot points ensures uniform batch temperature control without localised heat build-up situations.

Feed Hopper

Large steep charging area for rapid feeding. Radius bottom floating weight to present maximum cooling and mixing surfaces to the compounds. Variable position, variable pressure, auto deceleration and air saving circuits available. Dust extraction hood fitted as standard. Charging door pneumatically operated.

End Frames

Manufactured in CAST STEEL, which are far stronger than Meehanite and fabricated types for use under high pressure, high rotor speed applications. Large dust seal areas for greater maintenance accessibility.

Dust Seals

Sealing areas remote from rotor ends for improved performance under all mixing conditions.

Discharge Door

Manufactured entirely in steel for strength. Unique dual section designed door top ensures efficient batch dispersion and temperature control. Multi-cylinder Torqemaster type actuator fitted for fast discharge and closing cycles, without the maintenance problems associated with rotary vane type actuators.

Bed Plates

Various steel bedplate designs available to suit new or existing mixer positions.

Oil Injection

Various oil/liquid injection ports available in either the end frames, jackets (sides), or drop door top.

We also Rebuild Mixers