Rebuilt Mixers

Reconditioned Internal Mixers

All mixer bodies are fully reconditioned and can be upgraded to incorporate Carter advanced technology.

All new parts fitted i.e. Rotors, End Frames, Jacket (sides), Water cooled rotor end plates, Drop Door supports (gate) are manufactured from heavy duty steel. All parts are made to standard dimensions to ensure interchangeability with existing components.

JACKETS (SIDES)  Heavy Duty Steel (NEW)

Two stage heavy-duty drilled type, manufactured from high duty steel fabrications from forged steel tube and weldable structural steel. Bores protected with, for example Grade 1 Stellite.

ENDFRAMES Rebuilt Existing

Endframes can be fitted with water cooled rotor end wear plates, weight and door wear plates. Endrames fitted with new bearings and seals.

ROTORS Fully reconditioned

The rotors are complete stripped of the existing hard weld and chrome plate before being ultrasonically tested prior to the refurbishment process. If found suitable the rotors are repaired and re-welded with, for example Stellite Grade 1.


Door top part manufactured from weldable structural steel, drilled serpentine type for closer control of cooling; fully machined and drilled to accept two thermocouples. Hard chrome plated or hardwelded on mixing chamber surfaces.


We also New Mixers